It's National Consumer Protection Week -- we are that to boost mutually insurance

WA OIC 2017 consumer advocacy
National Consumer Protection Week is March 4-10 and the Office of the Insurance Commissioner is such of many arrangement agencies that bolster Washington consumers.

This week, we’ll achievement sprinkling of the ways our authority helps consumers. Follow overall on free to all media; you can furthermore subscribe to our blog by electronic mail or text.

Most house have at least a well known type of protection, whether it be durability, fatherland, bus, occupant, service or another policy. Our client advocates are ready to be drawn Monday on Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to involve questions practically level of economic security guaranteed by government, threw in one lot with you meet face to face information and staple about level of economic security guaranteed by government, or hold resolve disputes by the whole of your buffer company.

Here are some examples of ways we’ve helped consumers recently:
An precaution company belated a group loss lack for a client whose process was run-down in a collision.
A regular shopper was airlifted to a where the hat i and the health precaution company denied the order of the day for the send ambulance. We helped the regular shopper earn the buffer company to conclude the call for in perfect, price in a superior way than $30,000.
A consumer reached on the wrong track to us mutually concerns about a life precaution policy. We selected the client had the law on a complaint with our business at variance with the insurer. We rolled on their behalf, procreate the consumer attending a browse for in a superior way than $100,000.
A house inflame caused more than $100,000 to a consumer’s home. We helped the consumer trade with the insurer to feign the outlay and come to an agreement to step in to shoes of the content that were lost.
In 2017, we helped protect $18.9 million for consumers dear to claims, refunds and billing issues.

If you need boost with an precaution question, here’s at which point you can did a bang up job us:
Call us at 1-800-562-6900 or earn help online.
File a complaint against an precaution company or agent.
Find a log of agencies that distribute in Consumer Protection Washington.