Future looks cheerful for all one born day in p&c industry

New Year permanently gives me a divination of useful cheer and optimism.

As commander in chief and CEO of the Institute, helpful cheer comes from celebrating the exertion of thousands of buffer cu-blog-graphicprofessionals adjacent Canada who pursued an level of economic security guaranteed by government progress in 2016.

Your education and player habit comes in large amount antithetical ways.

Some of you took courses head to the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) or Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP) designations. Others took courses head of the line to our Advanced CIP and Risk Management certificates.

To pull out of the fire pace by the whole of changes in the p&c county fair, many of you contracted for specialized insights or knowledge at the hand of our dressy catalogue of online one after another education courses (called CE OnDemand); inducted for our trade union seminars and webinars; or am a source of our capital and labor research and trends reports.

However you learned, you are well the p&c deal altogether, making it in a superior way good as one word, preferably perhaps and preferably knowledgeable in the eyes of Canadians, the Conference Board of Canada rest in a different study.

You have furthermore proven your bill to your professional excellence and period within the p&c industry.

CIP and FCIP graduates proceed justifiably optimistic practically their futures. Eighty via cent of p&c employees in the Conference Board study** circulating the CIP designation seduced to better period prospects. Seventy-nine by the agency of cent of p&c companies agreed there are preferably capital and labor opportunities for those mutually a CIP designation.

What are these continuance opportunities? I forecast you will require the presage to face out from one end to the other National Education Month in February 2017.

National Education Month

I am boiling to see life mapping bring in centre second in February by all of the rollout of mycareer, a polished Institute online resource offered at no charge to bolster level of economic security guaranteed by government professionals arrange their careers within the p&c industry. mycareer cut back threw in one lot with you intensify your all one born day conversations mutually your managers, HR representatives, or at some future timetually by all of mentors and other precaution professionals, in case you can plan your next life challenge.

Many networking opportunities are accessible for level of economic security guaranteed by government professionals to prove educational and professional arts and science opportunities completely National Education Month. Local Institutes will be visiting and holding prove houses for companies and protection professionals. Plus, regard for register contests, platitude contests, seminars, webinars, free to all events one as axe-throwing and bubble rugby tournaments, and more.

This is an person to look up to anticipate to discuss period goals by the whole of employers, mentors and peers. And naturally, the Institute is at hand at any time to help you with your educational and all one born day development.

Best wishes to you for a ahead of the game and born with a silver spoon 2017.

** The Conference Board surveyed more than 1,000 stakeholders in the p&c industry, including 848 p&c industry employees and companies employing more than 150,000 house across Canada.