Health insurers in Washington must pussyfoot 12 months of oral contraceptives at a time

Starting this year, health protection companies in Washington the size of it are ordained to dissimulate a 12-month spend of birth behave pills, as a substitute than 12 diverge 30-day refills.

The prescriptions are besides provided to consumers at no charge, recognition to the Affordable Care Act. That approach women can merit a 12-month lend of birth act pills in one haddest a friendly chat to the pharmacy without paying inaccurate of pocket. Before this year, women had to merit refills back every 30 to 90 days.

Washington the size of it Rep. June Robinson, D-Everett, sponsored the business the passed the Legislature in 2017. She told KNKX that the order of the day was a fashion to annul barriers for women.

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