Kreidler’s client advocates recovered $18.9 million for consumers in 2017

Most people gets through one head that we regulate protection in Washington arrangement, anyhow many aren’t conscientious that we also hold consumers when they have questions practically precaution or have trouble by all of their buffer company. In circumstance, we have an perfect division zealous to protecting consumers from across the counter harm.

An OIC regular shopper uphold attends an outreach clash

In 2017, our client advocates:
Received and inclined 7,705 client complaints, resulting in bus fare of $18.9 million devoted to precaution billings, refunds and contrasting claim-handling issues to consumers.
Answered 63,823 sue our client hotline regarding precaution issues, rights and responsibilities.
Responded to 5,801 examination paper inquiries.
Mailed 1,904 insurance-related publications to consumers upon their request.
Helped consumers bring up to code various order of thing issues, including claims, billing, and underwriting problems, and offered referral services to distinctive attitude agencies and organizations, including the Washington Health Benefit Exchange.
Our client advocates can bolster you:
Answer questions close but no cigar birthplace, bucket of bolt, toughness, continuance, annuities, service and other insurance.
Understand your protection rights, including your merit to file durability precaution denials and the process. 
Look facing complaints opposite protection companies.
Verify if an public relations consultant, authority, or befriend is fair to sell level of economic security guaranteed by government in Washington state.
We stand in one shoes information of high on the hog to protection consumers on this blog and on our civil media channels. Many of our blog and civil media posts are generated by consumers’ questions.

More basic material for consumers:
Reach us by put a call through at 1-800-562-6900 or online.
File a complaint against an protection company or agent.
Read more approximately how to merit help from our consumer advocates.
Read more about your buffer, including home, all one born day, bucket of bolt, health, annuities and business.